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BELAYA RUS` (White Russia) folk dance and music group

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The folk dance and music company BELAYA RUS` (White Russia), created in the Palace of youth culture in 1946 and supports the glory of the Belarusian choreography. The company honours the best traditions of the Belarusian folklore which enrich the content of the program and form the basis of folk art.

The repertoire of the company is based on the dances of diverse regions of Belarus, which are remarkable for their traditions, character, manner of performance, colour spectrum of the costumes. The use of these distinctions makes the program of the company more varied and fascinating. Anatol Karpovich has been the permanent director of the company already for more than 20 years. The creative success and victories at various contests and festivals are connected with his name.

The most often performed and loved by the audience dances are Areli (swing) , Putanka-Rasputanka, Straw Boys, Awakening. Putanka-Rasputanka uses folk motives, popular games. Usually the performance ends with the ballet theme Karuzel (merry-go-round) where group rotation gives the possibility to every dancer to show his virtuosity in astonishing tricks. Choreographer Anatol Karpovich expresses understanding of the human character, knowledge of national colouring, desire to expose the idea of Belarusian culture in the whole European context in his dances.

The repertoire of the company isn’t limited to Belarusian folk dances. Several Russian dances (Korobeiniki, Barynia...) and foreign dances (Gipsy dance, Irish dance, Estonian dance...) give the possibility to get acquainted with the choreographic culture of these countries.

The traditions of decoration of Belarusian national costume have an ancient history. The weaving methods, peculiarities of embroidery, the length of the parts of the costumes, laws of colours’ combination, ornamental pattern have been formed during the centuries. The famous weaving and embroidery manufactories of Slutsk widely used multicoloured technique with luxurious vegetable and geometric ornamental patterns. All of this is reflected in the company’s costumes: the belts on the shirts are embroidered with ear ornamental pattern, aprons and laps of the skirts are abundantly decorated with embroidery. The orchestra consists of 10 brilliant musicians. The beautiful melodies of 3 violins, bayan, dulcimer, flute, clarinet, 2 guitars and percussion will bring you a lot of pleasure.

During more than 70 years of its existence the ensemble became widely known. Numerous shoots on TV, orchestra concerts on radio contribute to the company’s popularity. The mastery of the Belarusian artists is appreciated at its true value in the countries all over the world.

The audiences of Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Poland, USA, Latin America, the Netherlands, Ireland have acclaimed the artists. The great success accompanied the company’s performances at folk festivals in France: in Grand-Mote, Carentan, Normandie, Lille, Cherbourg, Bagnols-en-Fort, Saint Felin d'Avall, Ville de Lorgues, Confolens. More than 5000 spectators gave the ensemble a warm welcome in the music hall Zenit (France). We hope that the acquaintance with the company BELAYA RUS` will help you to get in touch with one of the most ancient Slavic cultures.

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