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The ensemble’s history is directly connected with the history of the Belarusian state university and modern history of Belarus, as the collective has been created in 1945. In the beginning its structure included the students and employees only of the Belarusian state university, but soon the students and the graduates of other Belarusian high schools have joined it.

KRYZHACHOK was the participant of many festivals and competitions of the national creativity in Belarus and abroad, winning many different awards. The ensemble is the Winner of the World Association of universities, the Winner of the ХII World Festival of youth and students in Moscow, the owner of Gran-pri of the Belarusian festival “Student's spring”, the participant of the International festivals "Musical Europe-93", "Plovdiv-95".

During its existence the ensemble performed in total 12 times on the scenes of Germany, 4 times - in Poland, 3 times – in Bulgaria, 2 times – in Hungary. The collective's performances had great success at the days of culture in Austria, Angola, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Italy, Israel (2 times), France.

During the last years the ensemble has taken part at the International festival in Turkey in September, 1997, in the Republic of South Africa in October, 1997 where it has won 3 gold and 1 bronze awards.

In 1999 the ensemble represented Belarus in France and has taken part in the cultural program within the limits of the Action in favour of the children of Chernobyl.

In 2001 the collective participated at the International dancing festival in Karmiel, Israel; in 2002 - at the International festival of youth culture in Germany and in the days of the Belarusian culture in Israel. In 2005 the ensemble represented Belarus at the International folklore festivals in England (it has been awarded by certificate C.I.O.F.F. UK) and in Greece. In 2006 the ensemble participated at the International festival of dance in Northern Cyprus (C.I.O.F.F.), in 2007 - at the International folklore festival in Bernem, Belgium, in 2008 - at the international festival in Istanbul and participated at the festival «Cultural park» within the limits of the World Izmir fair. In Istanbul the soloist of the ensemble has been awarded in a nomination «the Best dancer». In 2009 the ensemble took part in CIOFF festival in Alatri (Italy) with great success, in 2010 it was unanimously considered the best group at the following CIOFF festivals in Italy: Termoli, Lamezia Terme, Castiglione del Lago.

The ensemble's repertoire includes not only the traditional Belarusian dances, but also the dances of the nations of the world and of the neighbouring countries. The dances - Cossack, Russian, Gipsy, Ukrainian - are always accepted by the spectators with delight. The ensemble's orchestra consists of the highly professional musicians playing traditional and original musical instruments. The bayan, jaleika, balalaika, cymbals, violin, clarnet and pipe invariably fascinate the public with the beauty and melodiousness of the Belarusian folklore.

The costumes of the artists are very beautiful and bright, with the elements of the manual embroidery. Each dance is executed in different costumes.

For the big contribution to the popularisation of the Belarusian national art abroad the People's dance ensemble KRYZHACHOK has been awarded by the Certificate of honour of the Union of the Societies of friendship and cultural contacts with foreign countries.

The art director of the ensemble is Igor Muzalevsky, the head of the orchestra is Vladimir Ginko.

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