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Right in the centre of Europe, neighboring Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia there lies a wonderful land, that had been long ago named White Russia. This is the land of thick forests, blue lakes, of simple landscapes leading to pensiveness. Friendly and kind hearted people named Belarusians live here. They are an ancient Slavic nation with their own history, their own life style, with their own cultural heritage, having intertwined in it traditions of Belarusian national art with those of neighboring nations.

State Dance Company of Belarus is the leading National choreographic company of Belarus. It was created more than 53 years ago and with time it became one of the best professional companies of the former Soviet Union.

For the last twenty five years the Company has been directed by Valentin Dudkevich, professor and People’s Artist of the Republic of Belarus. Folk art for him is the way to convey the historic tradition, linking generations. That’s why blending folklore and best achievements of the world choreography is not only the credo of the art of Valentin Dudkevich as the ballet-master, but also the most accurate definition of the whole contents and essence of the State Dance Company concert program.

The State Dance Company of Belarus repertoire comprises several large concert programs, which include not only Belarussian traditional and character genre dances, but dances of other nationalities living in Belarus as well. Belarussian audience fell in love with such dances as unfading with time LYAVONIKHA which became one of the symbols representing Belarus, comic QUADRILLE ON THE STOOLS, women’s tribal round-dance TERNITSA, men’s dance VYASKOVYIYA GULNI(village games), the dance of lovers ARELI (the swings), the rhythmical dance TOPOTUKHA, gypsy dance, Jewish dance, the Ukrainian dance GOPAK, Russian dance ALONG THE WIDE STREET and some other.

Recent productions of the Company show a new tendency of creating choreographic compositions with dramatic role playing elements in the genre of folk-ballet. This tendency is most vividly demonstrated by such dances as the lyrical dance SPEV DUBRAV(the melodies of the oak groves), episodes from the everyday life of the city youth VECHARYNA, dance compositions on the historic topic EFROSINYA and POLONEZ.

Staging new dances is possible due to the young, beautiful and talented team, well-trained both artistically and professionally. And the cast does consist of professionals – graduates of the State National Choreography College of Belarus and of the Belarussian State Conservatory.

Concerts by the State Dance Company of Belarus enchant its audience with the lavish colors of their costumes, beautiful melodies, virtuoso tricks and stunts, dazzling and dare-devil style of performance. The audience of China and USA, Italy and France, Spain and Brazil, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, Egypt and other countries applauded numerous times to the art of the Dance Company performers.
Mass media of these countries always appreciated highly the level of professional and creative mastership of the concerts performed by the State Dance Company of Belarus.

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