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Exemplary Amateur folk music, song and dance ensemble BARAULYANSKAYA KRYNICHKA was established in September 1999 on the basis of Baraulyany children's school of arts, Minsk district, Minsk region. The members of the ensemble are students and graduates of the school of arts. The participants are of the age of 8 to 24.
The leaders’ of the ensemble main objective in creative activities is the promotion of national culture, the rich folkloric heritage of our country. The bulk of the repertoire consists of vocal-choreographic compositions based on the Belarusian folk songs. Much of the work is done to familiarize the children with the rituals and traditions of national culture.
The repertoire of the ensemble includes songs dedicated to the holiday of Kupala, choral compositions, dedicated to the season of spring. A fragment of the ceremony of Dazhynki was represented at the Regional festival-competition Songs of my motherland, and at Christmas time it’s a tradition for the members of the ensemble to visit the surrounding villages with a goat and a star. The artists congratulate the hosts with their songs, dances and round dance on Christmas and wish the families prosperity in the New Year.
The dance part of the concert includes elements of the modern school of folk dance and also the dance numbers that have kept the traditional style of performance, e.g. the dances known since ancient times such as Oira, Narechanka, Subota, Padespan. These dances are performed together with the audience, giving the concert a pleasant, friendly atmosphere and good mood.
The accompanying group is represented by the musical instruments that were popular in ancient times in Belarus, and nowadays folk music is not complete without them. These are violin, dulcimer, accordion, Bayan and folk wind instruments: pipe, Zhaleyka, Belarusian Duda, Acarina.
The costumes of the participants are performed in a folk style with the elements of modern styling and one set of the costumes is a manual work. The fabrics of linen are embroidered with the cross patterns by the group’s members and their parents. Hats were made by the masters of wickerwork.
The ensemble leads an active concert activity. It’s a Winner and participant of International festivals and competitions in Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania. BARAULYANSKAYA KRYNICHKA cooperates with the Belarusian Museum of folk architecture and life, the children’s village SOS Kinderdorf, the children's hospice, often participates in charity concerts.

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