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LARIMO stands for friendship between countries and peoples

The main aim of the International folk arts productions center LARIMO is popularization of Belarusian national culture, its promotion through folk dances, music, singing, customs, folk crafts, costumes.

All in all, Larimo
- distinguishes the most talented folk companies in Belarus,
- unites them by means of coordinated leaders,
- assists in passing of the culture heritage to the young generation,
- provides consulting to folk companies,
- opens new creative horizons to them,
- helps to participate in the international folk festivals,
- develops the feeling of tolerance, understanding of other people’s culture,
acceptance of varied culture heritage.

Folklore is nothing else but a study about the traditions, customs and folk arts of the country. Belarusian folklore is various, vivid, original. It excites and pacifies, gives great impression and arouses smile… It doesn’t take the energy; it presents it to the audience. Folklore promotes friendship on the planet.

We offer you folk companies of a great artistic level. They perform dances chosen from best folk items of Belarus. Their colorful and rhythmic performances will not disappoint you. These companies will bring you the pleasure of original art. The performance of the dances will fascinate the audience.

It will be our pleasure to cooperate with the organizations dealing with maintaining and popularization of cultural heritage,organizing international folklore festivals.

Director: Igor Larchenko
Contact tel/fax: + 375 17 323 69 95
Address: Alibegova St. 16-113, 220116 Minsk, Belarus.
email: larimoorg@gmail.com , info@larimo.org , larimo@mail.ru
web: www.larimo.org

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